Dogumentary Dictionary

Dogmatic Self-assured Barking, such as continually voiced by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld
Dogument Any of several official papers, such as American Kennel Club Registration
Dogumentary Detailed description of a hunt or history of hunting.

l. Essential & overriding belief structure (such as Attorney Genral Ashcroft imposes on any legal question)

2. Mother of a Dog

Dogter Female offspring of a Dogma

1. Something that is taught by one Field Dog to another.

2.Principle or position in a body of knowledge such as where to hunt Sharptail Grouse, late afternoon, on a cloudy day.


1.To Bark in a Dogmatic manner.

2. To engage in those actions that cause puppies.

Dog Days Those days during the winter holiday season when you can't get up on the couch, snack off the kitchen floor, identify guests by putting one's nose in the target area or begging for food in the living room.
Dogatribe A prolonged barking or dogtation explaining, in abusive terms, some, normally, unfounded theory, such as why the Woodcock flight is late or how Iraq planned the World Trade Tower disaster.