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The Milk Bone Phenomenon

A reader from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan has indicated that if medium sized Milk Bones are placed in a cast-iron frying pan and covered a light coating Bertolli's extra-virgin Olive oil and placed over a low heat for four to six minutes the dog bones will feel warmer to the touch and be more appealing on a cold day.

Hot Dog Souffle'

Editor-In_chief, Sacagawea suggests that, de rigueur for cold winter mornings, especially weekend mornings, a Hot Dog Souffle'.

Preparation: Necessary ingredients are egg yokes, egg whites (shelled if possible), sweet green peppers, Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs and an Oscar Meyer Song book. The song book is to be used while beating the egg whites *** First, carefully cut up and remove the seeds from 2 medium, fresh green peppers, then dice carefully into approximately 1/4 inch sections. Set aside for later use.

Next, slice the hot dogs lengthwise and set aside.

Then, using the song book, beat the egg whites thoroughly and combine with the egg yokes. place Oscar Meyer in a shallow, cast iron frying pan (be sure not to use aluminum), after first adding 1 tablespoon of edium or extra virgin Filippo Berro Olive Oil (depending on the altitude, extra virgin oils can be too tempremental). Place on a low heat and gradually add the beaten whites. Carefully put the diced, sweet green peppers down the garbage disposal and add the egg yokes covering dogs that protrude from the egg whites.Garnish with Alpo treats or Science Diet snacks and serve.

***(In case the song book is not available, the following should be sung; I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Hot Dog, That is what I'd really like to be, If I were an Oscar Meyer Hot Dog, All the Kids would be in love with me)

Why Dog's Prefer Human Food

This just in from the Centers for Dog Nutrition and Light Weight Motor Oil Research (formerly two separate departments recently combined to save money for reallocation to the newly created department of mattress tag security click here for complete details)

Researchers have long been trying to understand why dogs seem to prefer human food over dog food in almost all cases. "It's easy to write it off by saying that dog food tastes like ... well ... dog food, but we think that's just too simple." says lead researcher Ned Fungus. "We set out to test this theory and we think our findings are provocative."

The researchers took one standard dry dog bone and disguised it in human food form to see if the dogs would in fact find it more palatable. "We reduced the dog bone to a fine powder in a coffee grinder and then to give it a consistency that could be shaped properly, mixed it with 1 pound of hamburger meat" said Fungus. When the mixture was molded into the shape of a chicken breast the dog's universally found it much more appealing than the original dog bone form.

Anticipating criticism, Fungus pointed out "We knew there would be those who would argue that it was the appeal of the hamburger that drew the dogs. That's why we went with the chicken breast form to control for that variable."