Selected Doguments



Hanky Panky at the White House
... a Further Modest Proposal

In Washington, DDW's roving reporter, Rabbi McGuillicutty is shown here offering an alternative to the suggestion being made by Monica Loonsky to the President

2006 Holiday Dogumentary

Cheney's secret NUTS lab produces Giant Birds, first for hunting. Next as part of his Change The Course, plan, introduce giant raptors to deftly and quietly extract terrorists from Mountain hideouts in Iraq, Afghanistan and North Dakota.

Holiday & Dog Days Greetings

The 1991 Holiday Dogument: Details of a Classic hunting dog, pointing not one but 4 pheasants nearly completely hidden in a field.

DDW's 2002 Holiday Dogumentary

Sacagawea joins the search for Osama Bin Ladin along with weapons of mass destruction, both said to be hidden in the high mountains of Montana

2005 Holiday Dogumentary

Pictured above, somewhere in Cuba, Raz M'Taz and an Ivory Bill Woodpecker ( "Lord God Bird" ) . A secret Rendition plan by Rumsfeld & Cheney to bring back to Louisiana remaining Ivory Bills as part of Katrina disaster relief plan.

The Super Bowl, Islam ’s Voild

Dogumentary of 1998 Super Bowl: Raz M'Taz recommends National Consort election for the President to conincide Super Bowl Half Time Extravaganza.

DDW's current editor in chief, Sacagawea, sniffs out the Europen view on the latest American Fads

For French and Germans, "Western" movies with actors such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have been a popular rage. The fascination began in the early part of the last century when the famous French troubadour, Monsieur Tom Mix first sang commercials on French radio for The national French breakfast - Hot Ralston with Croissants. The ballad has recently been forwarded to the editors of Dogs Daily Wear:

When it's Roundup Time in Baghdad,

Then you surely will agree,

That this Warm Up, Build Up War Game

Gives You Cowboy Energy.

It's Delicious and Surreptitious,

From the Texas Oil Retreat,

Take a Tip from G.

Osama must see,

Our War Games Can't Be Beat !!