Spring Fashions

As a service to our faithful readers, Dogs Daily Wear occasionally and only after extensive reviews with focus groups, will issue the highly prized Dogs Daily Wear Seal of Approval for fashions and products.

For the first time in the history of Dogs Daily Wear, the editor and staff of DDW is pleased to announce that the seal of approval has been granted to not one product but to the entire line of Global Pet Products.

The editor and staff of DDW are particulary impressed by the car seat shown above, which has a locking strap inside the seat and is attached to the collar, which prohibits the user from rampaging throughout the car. It is a must for anyone having French Brittanies. (This unruly characteristic is said by some to be typical of the French, unless one is skilled at negotiating with them. Unfortunately, that is definitely not true in the case of George's hunting partner).
(As with most products, the disclaimers are not universally applicable. It is said that owners of French Brittanies are unwilling to share in the costs of global policing, whereas English Setter or English Springer Spaniel owners are known to be generous to the cleaning or policing staffs of motels. It is for this reason that the Motel Owners Association is pleased to also encourage aggressive sales efforts of Global Pet Products to French Brittany owners.)
The remarkably well designed pet wheeler is designed to transport the French Brittany from their SUV into the motel, without tracking up the entire hallway. It is particularly well adapted to transport wet, muddy or
unpleasant smelling French Brittanies from the SUV to the motel room during inclement weather. (Once in the room, one or several of the dogs will jump up on the beds, leaving the floor clean.) In the case of other, well behaved dogs, Global Pet Products has a convertible bed that is attractive and

It is apparent that these products will immensely improve the conditions in the automobile of George's hunting partner, to keep his partners' unruly French Brittanies under a semblance of control.

(The awarding of the DDW seal of approval in this case is in keeping with the manner in which our government awards contracts for the rebuilding of countries destroyed by our war efforts. As the assistant to the editor of DDW, George, is now a sales representative for a company distributing Global Pet Products, so our country's Vice President was formerly president of Halliburton, just announced as one of the only 3 companies approved for the rebuilding of Iraq.)